This search-and-find book is published by Lannoo. Large hidden-object-images with more than a hundred things to find. Can you find the two little soldiers, gnomes, Mr. and Mrs. Platypus, a present? Can you find your way through the elaborate labyrinths?

Youth Services Book Review (US) – March 14, 2018
The deep dark colors of the pages make the experience dreamlike; in fact, using a flashlight is a fun way to search for the paths and I can imagine a child under the covers after lights have been turned off enjoying an adventure before sleep.

Puzzle Prime – March 11, 2018
We personally love all of them (Timeline, Follow Finn) and think they are great reads for children in pre-school and primary school.

Emma Perry, My Book Corner (UK) – January 29, 2018
Rich in detail and brilliantly imaginative, it held our attention for an absolute age… Follow Finn is a
mesmerizing book – highly recommended

Lucy, Children’s Bookshop (NZ) – December 14, 2017
Each page contains a maze and lots of things to find as we follow Finn through a fantastical fabulous world…There are just so many cool things to see in the highly detailed pictures.

My Book Corner (UK) – November 28, 2017
Let me say from the beginning, this book is a stunner! It’s got ‘gift potential’ written all over it. Rich in detail and brilliantly imaginative, it held our attention for an absolute age.

Sue Esterman (The Reader) – November 28, 2017
This is a lovely book. The use of one colour and black and white on each double-page spread is unusual, and makes it more challenging to find the clues, but my 7-year-old niece hung in there and we found 99.9% of what we should have found.
Peter Goes has a great imagination, and I think it is great to have a book about goblins, which is my personal favourite kind of magic creature.
It’s a big step up from Where’s Wally! Highly recommended.
KIRKUS REVIEW (US) Februari 3, 2018
A murky ramble satisfyingly festooned with surreal creatures and detail.
»Hier wird ein Suchbilderbuch zur Kunst! ... Skurril, fantasiesprühend und ein wirklich gelungener Mix aus kleiner Rahmengeschichte mit unerschöpflichem Bilderschatz!« Bilderwelten/Stiftung Lesen, 2018
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